‘Done For Me’ Revolutionary New Educational Program

To Help Children Overcome Spelling Difficulties

Is your child unhappy or lacking in confidence at school because they struggle with spelling & grammar?

Are you frustrated that no matter what the school does nothing seems to be working?

Are you concerned that your child is not getting the extra help they need?

Are you worried about your child’s future as they just can’t seem to master the basics?

Do you wish you could help but just don’t know how?


Then check out our new

‘Complete Spelling Rules Program’

designed to help 7 to 13-year-old children learn and understand how to spell with ease and confidence.

This online program will give you all the skills you need to take control and teach your children how to spell even if you’re not good at spelling yourself.

Why you’ll love the


1. Educational and


This is the ultimate tool kit for children and parents. It will empower you as a parent to teach and help your child learn, build confidence and overcome spelling difficulties.
You’ll get cutting edge strategies and techniques (rarely taught in schools) that will transform spelling from hard and arduous to logical and easy because we decode the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of spelling.

Warning – this course can dramatically change your children’s life for the better!

2. Designed for Children with Learning Difficulties & Endorsed by SPELD SA

The Complete Spelling Rules Course is being taught to teachers and tutors affiliated with SPELD SA (Australia’s chief authority on educating children with learning difficulties). It has been designed by a leading teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching children with learning difficulties, and is being voluntarily implemented in a number of primary schools across Australia.

3. Learn & Teach at Your Own Pace

The course consists of 15 modules which you can learn at your own pace. For those of you who want an intensive course, you can learn how to teach the whole course in just half a day. Alternatively, if you are short on time, you can learn as you go along. Simply play the module tutorial at the start of the week and help your kids with the worksheets and spelling lists over the course of the week, or progress at your own pace.

4. Easily Achievable and Affordable

The Complete Spelling Rules Course is quick to learn and easy to teach even if you are not a great speller. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars a week for private tuition. We’ll explain a spelling strategy or rule to you at the start of each module and then you can simply sit with your child while we teach them using state of the art resources. 
The course is divided into 15 modules (each with a quick tutorial), so you can learn in bite-sized chunks without becoming overwhelmed. You’ll have great fun and get to teach your children a lifetime of spelling skills in quick and easy lessons.
We recommend teaching one module per week or fortnight based on your child’s understanding of the concepts presented.

5. Learn Together

The program has been designed so you and your child can learn together; learning with an adult is a far more effective than online programs that children are expected to navigate alone.  The Spelling Rules Program ensures your child will get the support they need, plus it's a great way to bond with your child.  You’ll find a quick 2-minute overview of the spelling rule at the start of each module followed by a short tutorial (less than 15 minutes) designed for parents and children to watch together. Once you’ve watched the tutorial then you can have lots of fun together going through the worksheets that build spelling skills and confidence.

6. Fully Supported Learning

When you sign up for the course, you’ll get access to the learning portal and direct access (via the comments box at the bottom of each module) to the course director so you can ask questions or leave feedback.

7. You are in Control

Nobody is as passionate about helping your child as you are. This course gives you all the necessary skills to take control of your child's spelling education and make a real difference.
You don’t need any previous experience, nor do you need to be good at spelling to teach
this course.
If you have a reasonable grasp of English, you’re all set to teach this course. Plus, you’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement and a huge sense of relief when you start to see your child make progress.

What you can expect from the


Decoding the English Language

The Complete Spelling Rules Program is the ‘missing piece’ for many children (and adults) who struggle with spelling. It’s not just about learning lists of words. We decode the English language and help you teach your children why words are spelt the way they are. You’ll learn explicit rules to determine how and why a word is spelt the way it is; taking away uncertainty to build your child’s skills and confidence  in spelling.

Teaching that Complements what's being Taught in Schools

Many parents and tutors who are learning to teach the program are both excited and inspired by the simplicity and clarity the program delivers. The 15 module program fills in the gaps and unlocks the simple rules and strategies (rarely taught in class) that complement and build on the spelling and phonics lessons taught in school.

The Complete Spelling Rules Program covers all facets of the English language including:

• Phonics – hearing sounds and syllables in words.

• Meaning – how to understand all the different parts of a word.

• Rules – explicit rules governing the structure & spelling of words.

• High-frequency words – how to spell some of the most commonly used words in the English language.

• Strategies to remember how and why words are spelt the way they are.

• Mnemonics – easy ways to remember how to correctly spell certain words.

Quick & Easy to Implement

The Complete Spelling Rules program gives you everything you need (in bite-sized chunks) to help your child make progress and learn how to spell. You'll get:

 An introduction plus 15 teaching module.

Quick and easy tutorials at the start of each module.

Spelling lists & worksheets to go through together.

Colour posters.

Downloadable resources (or you can buy the optional 'Spelling Case' with magnetic letters, whiteboard and marker).

Hands-on approach with less listening and more ‘doing’.

The optional Spelling Case is only available in Australia, so if you do not have access to this you will need a small whiteboard (A4 or larger), a whiteboard marker and access to a printer to get started.

Helping Children (and Adults) who Struggle with Spelling

The Complete Spelling Rules Program offers leading-edge learning skills, strategies and techniques that will help your children learn how to understand spelling and write words.
You’ll get access to the latest strategies that are being used by specialist tutors who work with and understand children with learning difficulties. Strategies that are approved by SPELD – Australia’s leading authority on educating children with learning difficulties and will make a real difference to your
child’s learning.

Here’s what people are saying about the 


Jan Daly - Teacher
Learning Matters

I have used the Spelling Rules program with huge success with many of my students and recommend it widely, to schools, parents and teachers.
I cannot praise and recommend  The Spelling program highly enough.

Colette, Parent/Copywriter, Adelaide

I'm going through the Spelling Rules Program with my boy and it's fantastic. 
I write for a living and I've even learnt a few things.  I guess I've always known the how (to spell words) but now I know the why (words are spelled that way). 
It's been enlightening!

Sandy Russo
Director of SPELD SA


This system of teaching spelling rules is visual, tactile, inspiring and effective!

It offers great strategies for learning spelling, and is excellent for children who don’t want to commit to writing.


Buy the complete program for only



  • 15 ONLINE training videos
  • Quick and easy tutorials at the start of each module
  • Spelling list and worksheet to go through together
  • Downloadable resources teaching resources that complement what’s being taught in school
  • Fully supported learning with direct access to Sharona (via the comments box) so you can ask questions in private
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Happiness Guarantee

Your happiness and your child’s learning is our top priority.

If you experience any problems we will solve them, and if for any reason you are unhappy with any of our products you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase – simply reach out, we’re here to help!

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