Hi, I’m Sharona, the owner and founder of Spelling Academy.

I’m passionate about giving every child the opportunity to be good at spelling because I understand what it feels like to lack confidence in spelling and how it can impact your education and self-esteem.  

I don’t want anyone to struggle with spelling.  Once you know explicit rules and strategies, spelling can be much easier, and you can spell with confidence and certainty. I’ve set up the Spelling Academy to share my breakthrough Spelling Rules Program to take the stress out of spelling and help children gain confidence.  

My spelling journey

My enthusiasm for teaching and motivation to set up The Spelling Academy comes from my own experiences in Primary School. I was one of those kids who just couldn’t remember how things were spelled. I needed to be taught the rules! I needed a logical framework that I could easily understand and refer to in order to help me spell.

Spelling didn’t come easy or make much sense to me. I was in a school where spelling was taught as part of a whole language approach, based on learning through repetition and memory. This approach just didn’t work for me, so I felt deflated and lacking in confidence.

Teacher training

I worked hard to improve my spelling but even after leaving school to go to university, I never felt confident with spelling. I knew I wanted to teach primary school children, so whilst undertaking my teacher training degree I really started to study the English language to see if I could find patterns and rules for spelling that made sense. I wanted to ensure that any child I taught would never have the same spelling difficulties that I endured.

Finding key rules and strategies to transform learning to spell

After years of studying and countless hours of research, I started to find key patterns, rules and strategies for spelling that revealed why words were spelled the way they were. These rules were an excellent framework to learn from and they changed my perception of spelling. Through using these rules I could clearly see the logic behind spelling and they gave me absolute clarity, certainty and confidence in spelling. 

Recognised in the field of literacy

I’ve been a teacher now for 20 years and I am a Literacy Coordinator at my school in South Australia, where I mentor and support other teachers.

I am invited into schools to train teachers and support staff.  My Spelling Rules Program and resources have been adopted by SPELD SA (Specific Learning Difficulties Association South Australia), where I run special workshops for teachers, tutors, parents and speech pathologists on how to teach children to spell using my Spelling Rules framework and resources.

I am passionate about helping kids to learn and I love the wonderful feedback I get from parents, teachers, tutors and speech pathologists who have attended my workshops.

Empowering parents to teach their children

I want to give parents the power to educate their children if they 're not getting the best results they need from the educational system. This is why I have opened up the Spelling Rules Academy for parents across Australia and the UK.

I know how busy home life is, so I’ve made the process of teaching spelling quick and easy for the parent and nice and easy for the child to digest in small chunks.

I invite you to try my course, risk-free for 30 days to discover the benefits for yourself. You have my personal guarantee - if you're not 100% happy with the course content you can ask for your money back.

Sharona Edwards